Disability Support Services

In coordination with Disability Support Services, reasonable accommodations will be provided for qualified students with disabilities. Any student with a documented disability needing academic adjustments is required to speak with Disability Support Services and the nursing department as early in the semester as possible. It is the student’s responsibility to make contact at least one week prior to the first exam of the program. The Disabilities Support Services will inform the Program Director of the needed accommodations. Disabilities Support Services is located at the college.

Physical Limitations

Nursing students are expected to report for clinical experiences “fit for duty”, which means to be able to perform their clinical care responsibilities in a safe, appropriate, and effective manner, free from the adverse effects of physical, mental, emotional, and personal problems.

Nursing is a physically demanding profession. Clinical experiences may be up to twelve hours in duration in a hospital, health care, or community setting and students may be on their feet for extended periods of time. Clinical experiences may also be required on weekends and unusual hours of the day. Nursing students are required to lift and transport patients and use equipment, which may require some degree of physical strength. Considerable manual dexterity is also required for many nursing skills and activities. 

Any prospective or current student who has a concern about their ability to meet any of the course work requirements or clinical nursing functional abilities mentioned above should contact the Disability Support Service at the nursing college to discuss their concern and any relationship their concern may have to the completion of nursing course work, clinical requirements, and/or licensure.

Policy of Nondiscrimination Equal Access/Equal Opportunity

South Florida College of Nursing affirms its equal opportunity policy is in accordance with the provisions of the Florida Educational Equity Act and all other relevant State and federal laws, rules, and regulations. Discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, creed, disability, or marital status against a student or an employee is prohibited. The SFCN accepts the commitment to provide equal access and equal opportunity for all services made available by the College and to conduct all programs and activities without discriminating against a person because of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, creed, disability, or marital status.

 SFCN has developed a procedure for responding to complaints dealing with the alleged discrimination made by an employee, a student, or an applicant for employment or admission to the College. It is the intent of the College that a speedy resolution of an allegation is reached in a manner that is free of coercion, interference, restraint, discrimination, or reprisal and that affords the complainant adequate opportunity to resolve the complaint.

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ADA Standards

In keeping with its mission and goals, and in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, SFCN promotes an environment of respect and support for persons with disabilities and will make reasonable accommodations.